Duxton Nuts is a walnut business across 576 planted hectares in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in the Riverina region of NSW, aiming to produce 20% of Australia’s production at maturity. The orchards comprise suitable soils, Mediterranean climate and a reliable source of good quality water which are key factors associated with the success of horticulture in the region. Duxton Nuts has secured a long-term offtake agreement with a leading privately held Australian manufacturing, packaging, storage and  distribution business. The offtake agreement entitles Duxton Nuts to receive the higher of a floor price and a spot price, plus profit share. 

Fundamental Drivers of Value 

Countercyclical Production: China and the US are the two largest walnut producers globally, accounting for 43% and 31% of total production  respectively.5 Australia’s production accounts for less than 1% of global production. With global demand increasing, there is  a growing need for year-round supply from counter-seasonal regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

Demand from Asia: Annual global walnut consumption has experienced an annual average growth of 6.8% since 2001, exceeding that of global production which has only increased by an average of 5.8%  over the same period.6
Per capita walnut consumption has increased from 95 grams in 2004 to 280 grams in 2016 (9.4%  CAGR).7

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