The Duxton Diversified Agriculture Fund (DDAF) provides investors with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of diversified agriculture. The Fund’s focus is capital growth and Income, while striving to be a leader in sustainable agriculture at scale.
 The fund aims to capitalise on Duxton’s experience managing over AUD 900 million of agricultural assets to generate annual returns of 11-14%*.

*Prospective financial information: (a) is predictive in nature; (b) may be affected by inaccurate assumptions or by known or unknown risks and uncertainties; and (c) may differ materially from results ultimately achieved. Note, any indicated returns or forecasts of the Fund are not guaranteed and these projections are based on a number of assumptions which are subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies. Actual results may be materially different from the projections. No assurance can be given that the assumptions will be realised and that actual distributions and capital gains will be as projected. The targeted IRR comprises 5-7% cash yield and 6-7% capital growth assuming a 10 year investment period. Returns on the potential investments contained on this website are indicative of what the potential opportunity aims to achieve over the stated periods but are not guaranteed. This forecast is current as at July 2022.